tools for evangelism, disciple-making, and church planting

I was a new believer with little to no knowledge of the Bible. Evandis helped me understand the Bible. It also helped answer a lot of questions I had about God's purpose for my life. Without Evandis my relationship with God would not have grown as fast as it did. 

The Creation Story is the greatest evangelism tool I have come across for leading people to Christ.

Foundations is great for babes and for mature believers in Christ. I learned so much from these teachings that I felt like I was taking seminary courses. The trainings set my family on a course for serving God and building His Kingdom.

Everyone in my house church has embraced Evandis and Foundations. Their lives are radically changed. I strongly recommend these to anyone looking for good discipleship training materials.


Foundations was essential for me, as a new believer with no church background, to build a firm place for me to stand. It helped me learn how to build a daily prayer life and read and meditate on God’s Word.


After forty-plus years of walking with God, I’ve come to highly value encountering Him through Scripture. Foundations provided a skillfully guided tour that brought new understanding and fresh encounters.

Far beyond merely studying facts and doctrines, I came away with greater awe and reverence of the Lord. Perhaps of greatest value, I feel and know even more how much He loves me. 

I’m confident any believer would find Foundations to be life changing, regardless of maturity level.


I have been using Evandis to disciple others, and I have found it to be a great tool for helping them grow in the knowledge of Jesus and His commission to evangelize and train others. It is often years before Christians learn about topics like the coming of our Lord Jesus or the use of their gifts, among other things. EVANDIS is practical training, but not superficial. Each lesson helps the disciple grow in the knowledge of Jesus, the Bible, and basic truths that empower active participation in the advancement of the kingdom of God.

It is exciting to train on how to share our faith from lesson 1! And what can I say about learning about the Holy Spirit, who enables us to live for Him, already in Lesson 3!

I love the format, which integrates specific principles of evangelism with various aspects of disciple training. I recommend this material to anyone who is committed to making disciples and seeing them do the same. 

I have really enjoyed the depth and dedication behind the Foundations lessons. The lessons present substantial food needed to take the disciples into maturity. 


Evandis challenged and changed my walk with God. It helped me see the Father's heart of love. When man sinned, God had already planned to restore mankind to Himself.

One man’s sin separated us from God, resulting in war, sickness, disease, and death. But God sent His Son to bear the weight of the world’s sins and bring many back to the Father. Knowing this, changed my heart. It challenged me to try to be like Jesus.

Evandis has helped me grow in the knowledge of God so I could better share His love with others.