tools for evangelism, disciple-making, and church planting

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God's Story

This gospel presentation begins with creation, followed by the fall of man, God's promise to send a redeemer, the death and resurrection of Jesus, and an opportunity to be reconciled to the Father. Essentially, it is a gospel tract containing eight important points a person should understand to make an informed decision to follow Christ.


In ten sessions new believers are guided through an understanding of basic truths concerning their own relationship with God. In addition, each session includes training designed to help new believers win their friends and family to Jesus. They also learn how to form a small group that can become the beginning of a house church or function as an integral part of a larger congregation.


This 24-lesson series is an excellent follow-up to EVANDIS. It is a great disciple-making tool, even for those who have never taken EVANDIS. (In the box above, use scroll bar or select page 2 to see remaining lessons.)


​​​​​​​Topics include: God and His Kingdom, Salvation, Word of God, Repentance, Faith, Baptism, Holy Spirit, Spiritual Gifts, Resurrection of the Dead, Eternal Judgment, The Covenants, Making Disciples, Money Matters, Holiness, Prayer and Fasting, Sexuality, Family Life, The True Church, Church Leadership, Community, The Lord's Supper, and more.

Giving vignettes

Small groups that become house churches will want to understand the place of giving in the life of a congregation. These short teachings are useful in helping prepare the hearts of believers when it comes time to give, for God loves a cheerful giver!

Vision vignettes

When a group has completed the ten EVANDIS sessions, it may decide to continue meeting together. These short teachings on evangelism are useful in helping keep the vision for evangelism alive in the hearts of the members.

Intro to EVANDIS

This overview of the philosophy and methodology of EVANDIS is helpful when explaining to pastors or other Christian leaders how EVANDIS may be different from other approaches to evangelism.