tools for evangelism, disciple-making, and church planting

God's Story tract

This tract is an attractive and fun way to help believers communicate the eight main points of God's Story.

It can be used by non-readers as well as by readers.

The Bible Unveiled

God spent thousands of years preparing the world for the first coming of Jesus. Designed as an evangelistic tool, this series of 10 lessons presents Jesus in the context of God’s dealings with man from the beginning of creation.

It is a great study for someone who is not quite ready to make a commitment to Christ, but is interested in learning more about God and the Bible.

8.5” x 6”, 105 pages


This 24-lesson series is an excellent follow-up to EVANDIS. It is a great disciple-making tool, even for those who have never taken EVANDIS.

Topics include: God and His Kingdom, Salvation, Word of God, Repentance, Faith, Baptism, Holy Spirit, Spiritual Gifts, Resurrection fo the Dead, Eternal Judgment, The Covenants, Making Disciples, Money Matters, Holiness, Prayer and Fasting, Sexuality, Family Life, The True Church, Church Leadership, Community, The Lord's Supper, and more.